Wyoming State Geological Survey

Welcome to the Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS). Since 1933, the WSGS has performed the important and critical function of interpreting Wyoming’s complex geology. We do not rest on our past accomplishments, and remain steadfast in our goal to apply new geoscience technology and techniques while addressing current and future geology related issues and challenges.

WSGS StaffVital to our mission is public awareness and understanding of Wyoming’s geologic, mineral and energy resources. Our website is an education resource for you to discover Wyoming’s geologic past, present and future. It includes a wide array of downloadable data sets and more than 200 free publications, as well as interactive maps and information on our current research projects for the state.

We leverage our research and applied knowledge to facilitate tomorrow’s mineral and energy resource characterization and responsible development. Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain West have a richness in natural resources that is of great importance to the United States and the world. With these come a complexity of economic and environmental challenges, and the need for sound scientific information to inform policy and decision-making. We strive to provide geology related information that is relevant and important.

WSGS scientists work to gain a better understanding of our planet’s history, geologic wonders, potential hazards and natural resources such as water, minerals and energy. We gather key information, provide technical analyses, perform scientific investigations and generate maps using Geographic Information Systems. Our teams cover four core subject areas—Energy and Mineral Resources, Water Resources/Mapping and Hazards, Information Technology and GIS, and Communications and Public Outreach.

We look forward to working with the public, government and industry in accomplishing our mission. Please feel free to call on us with your questions and we will do our best to assist you.


Tom Drean, WSGS Director and State GeologistTom Drean
Director and State Geologist

The Wyoming State Geological Survey is a Separate Operating Agency under the executive branch of state government (W.S. 9-2-801, 9-2-803 through 9-2-810). The Geological Survey's purposes are (1) to study, examine, and understand the geology, mineral resources, and physical features of the state; (2) to prepare, publish, and distribute (free or for sale) reports and maps of the state's geology, mineral resources, and physical features; and (3) to provide information, advice, and services related to the geology, mineral resources, and physical features of the state. The agency's stated mission is to promote the beneficial and environmentally sound use of Wyoming's vast geologic, mineral, and energy resources while helping protect the public from geologic hazards. By providing accurate information and expanding knowledge through the application of geologic principles, the Geological Survey contributes to the economic growth of the state and improves the quality of life of Wyoming's residents.

The Geological Survey has an advisory board that helps formulate and direct agency policies and programs. The board consists of the governor, a University of Wyoming member appointed by the university president, the State Oil and Gas Supervisor, the State Geologist, and five appointed members.

In addition, the State Geologist serves as a commissioner on the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (W.S. 30-5-103) and as a board member of the Wyoming Board of Professional Geologists (W.S. 33-41-107).

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