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In 2005, the Wyoming Water Development Commission funded a study conducted by the Wyoming State Geological Survey to complete an "Interactive Geologic, Hydrologic, and Water Quality Database for the Southern Powder River Basin, Wyoming". The project area was described by the Scope of Services as "bounded on the north by the 12th Standard Parallel North, on the south by the 8th Standard Parallel, on the east by the basal contact between the Fox Hills Sandstone [Lance Fm.] and Pierre Shale, and on the west by the geological contact between the Fort Union and Lance Formations".

The product is a new interpretation and correlation of the coal bearing (and coal bed methane producing) Tertiary Fort Union Formation based on an examination of approximately 8,000 subsurface well logs, as well as water quality analysis of CBM producing areas of the Powder River Basin (PRB). This project includes new, detailed digital bedrock geologic mapping of Wyoming's PRB, new coal correlated cross sections, updated coal resource estimates, water chemistry and analysis data, as well as structure contour maps.

Although bannered as the "southern basin" portion, the project covers the entire basin north to the Montana border stitched to the first generation (northern basin) study conducted in 2000-2004 by WGS and USGS. The digital mapping product generated with ARC/GIS and EarthVision will be publicly served via a WSGS website interactive interface, and also is available in publication form. It is anticipated that the tool will provide for educational, planning, and support needs for a large community of users.

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