Wyoming’s Oil and Natural Gas Resources

Large reserves of oil and natural gas underlie many areas of Wyoming. Ancient seas once blanketed the region, leaving behind organic-rich rocks that under ideal temperatures and pressures later formed Wyoming's oil and natural gas deposits.

Development Areas

The abundance of Wyoming’s oil and natural gas resources has placed the state among the leading national producers of these energy sources, while also benefiting Wyoming’s economy. According to the Wyoming Department of Revenue, in 2012 the state’s oil and natural gas resources generated more than $532 million in state severance taxes. That same year, the industry provided approximately 25,490 jobs to oil and gas workers, as reported by Research and Planning, Wyoming Department of Workforce Services.

An important role of the Wyoming State Geological Survey is to investigate the Earth’s geologic record to provide responsible energy development in the future. WSGS geologists work to identify oil and gas fields in the state’s basins, document and characterize the producing formations, and provide a wide array of audiences with current and relevant information on Wyoming’s oil and gas resources.

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