Laramie Range

The Silver Crown district, located on the east flank of the Laramie Range in southeast Wyoming, was organized in 1879. A mill and smelter operated on a small scale in the district from 1880 to 1900. Structurally controlled copper-gold mineralization parallels regional foliation or occurs in tensional fractures. In the northern part of the district, narrow clay-filled shear zone cataclastics and mylonites host massive, white, copper-bearing quartz veins and lenses. These are generally excessively narrow with limited tonnage. The southern part of the district hosts low-grade, large-tonnage disseminated copper-gold within granodiorite and quartz monzonite. The Copper King deposit, in the southern part of the district, is estimated to host more than 200,000 ounces of contained disseminated gold in 4.5 million tons of ore. Exploration at the Copper King during the 1990s reportedly expanded the size of this resource (Hausel, 1989; 1997).

Further information on the Silver Crown district can be found in the following WSGS publications:

WSGS Preliminary Report 14, Geology and mineral deposits of the Silver Crown mining district, Laramie County, Wyoming, by Terry Klein (1974), map scales ~1:24,000 and 1: 1,200, 27 p.

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