Platte River Basin

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Between 2001 and 2006 the Wyoming Water Development Commission (WWDC) completed individual water plans for each of Wyoming’s seven major river basins. The last water plan completed during that period, for the Platte River Basin (Trihydro Corporation and others, 2006) included an available groundwater determination in Technical Memorandum 3.3 (Lidstone and Associates, 2005). The 2013 Available Groundwater Determination presented in this report updates and expands the previous technical memorandum with a new compilation of information and represents the most current assessment of the groundwater resources of the Platte River Basin.

This study updates, revises, and expands the groundwater report contained in the 2006 Platte River Basin Water Plan as the Available Groundwater Determination Technical Memorandum., data May 2006, 2006 (Hahn and Jessen, 2001). A downloadable file containing the Hahn and Jessen and this memorandum is available online at the WWDC web site under River Basin Planning.

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