Several previous regional studies in the Wind River and Bighorn basins have grouped the geologic units into aquifers and aquifer systems to facilitate the regional description and assessment of the basins’ groundwater resources. The hydrostratigraphy of the WBRB developed for this study, based on the previous regional assessments, is shown on Plates II, III, and IV. Plates II and III summarize the hydrogeologic nomenclature used in this study, nomenclature from previous studies, and the aquifer classification system in the Statewide Framework Water Plan (WWC Engineering, 2007) for the Wind River and Bighorn Basins, respectively. Plate IV is a surface hydrogeologic map of the entire WBRB. Appendix A provides detailed descriptions of the WBRB geologic units in Wyoming and Montana that were compiled for the surface hydrogeology shown on Plate IV.

Bighorn River Basin
Bighorn Basin hydrostratigraphy
Wind River Basin
Wind River Basin hydrostratigraphy

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