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WSGS News Releases

Jacob Carnes

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2017 News Releases

Earth Science Week Toolkits now Available
September 13 — The WSGS is now offering Earth Science Week toolkits to Wyoming junior high science teachers.

New WSGS study on Codell Sandstone oil production trends in Laramie County, Wyoming
May 8 — WSGS publishes preliminary study on Codell Sandstone oil production in northern Denver Basin of Laramie County, Wyoming.

First Update Made to Online Oil and Gas Map
April 20 — WSGS completes first update to online Oil and Gas Map of Wyoming since its launch in July.

New Goundwater Atlas of Wyoming Now Available
March 21 — The WSGS launches online Goundwater Atlas of Wyoming that brings together groundwater information from several agencies.

New WSGS Report on Groundwater Level Changes in the Powder River Basin
March 7 — The study examines groundwater level responses in sandstone aquifers associated with coalbed natural gas production in the Powder River Basin.

How Knightia Became the Wyoming State Fossil
February 16 — The story behind how Knightia became the official state fossil 30 years ago as recalled by teacher involved in the effort.

Fossil Fish Festival is Feb. 18
February 6 — The Fossil Fish Festival is in celebration of Knightia, the extinct fossil fish that has served as Wyoming's State Fossil for 30 years.

Jade Display in Honor of 50 Years as Wyoming State Gemstone
January 12 — More than 50 pieces of jade on display at WSGS in honor of 50 years as Wyoming's state gemstone.

2016 News Releases

Statewide Groundwater Study
December 1 — The WSGS develops model to estimate groundwater baseflow, publishes results.

Earth Science Day Celebration Happening Oct. 15
October 3 — The WSGS and UW Geological Museum will celebrate earth sciences with event Oct. 15.

5 New Geologic Maps Available
September 23 — The WSGS publishes 5 new geologic maps of quadrangles in Natrona, Carbon, Sublette, Lincoln, Teton, and Fremont Counties.

Earth Science Week Toolkits now Available
September 6 — The WSGS is now offering Earth Science Week toolkits to Wyoming junior high science teachers.

Uranium Public Information Circular
August 24 — The WSGS publishes public information circular on uranium.

2016 Oil & Gas Map of Wyoming
August 15 — The WSGS publishes updated Oil and Gas Map of Wyoming.

Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Potential of Lance and Fort Union Formations in South-Central Wyoming
August 10 — The WSGS publishes a report on stratigraphy and hydrocarbon potential of formations in south-central Wyoming.

Zeolite Resources in Wyoming
July 18 — The WSGS publishes a report on zeolite resources in Wyoming.

Interactive Oil & Gas Map
July 6 — The WSGS now offers an online, interactive oil and gas map.

Rare Earth Elements Report
June 30 — The WSGS recently published a report on rare earth elements.

Groundwater Salinity in the Denver-Julesburg Basin
April 27 — The WSGS recently published a report on groundwater salinity in the Denver-Julesburg (D-J) Basin of southeastern Wyoming.

Sinkholes and Karst Features in the Southern Laramie Basin
April 11 — The WSGS recently published a report on the occurrence of sinkholes and other evaporite related karst features in the southern Laramie Basin, including in and around the city of Laramie.

Wyoming’s Potential Lithium Resources
Feb. 5 — The WSGS recently published a report on Wyoming’s lithium (Li) resources, an important mineral used in the production of rechargeable batteries, aluminum, cement, glass and ceramics.

2015 News Releases

Wyoming Phosphate Rock Shows Potential for Mining
Nov. 23 — Wyoming hosts numerous occurrences of phosphate rock, which is a natural resource crucial to global food security, according to a new report published by the Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS).

New Wyoming Guide Explores Culture Through a Geology Lens
Oct. 29 — From the Oregon Trail to Paleo-Indian red ochre mines, Wyoming has many sites where culture and geology merge and stories unfold. The Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) has released a new “intelligent travel” program, which includes a free driving map, videos, and interactive website.

New Geologic Maps Illustrate Investigations of Energy Resources and Geologic Hazards
Oct. 22 — The Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) has published three new geologic maps under its StateMap program. These maps are based on extensive fieldwork and focused on the geology related to energy resources and geologic hazards in Wyoming.

Wyoming Earth Science Week Includes Passport to Learning
Oct. 1 — “Visualizing Earth Systems,” this year’s theme for Wyoming Earth Science Week, Oct. 10-16, explores what it means to see our planet through eyes informed by the geosciences.

New Geologic Signage Installed Off Snowy Range Scenic Byway
Sept. 3 — The public now has the opportunity to learn about the geology of the Medicine Bow Mountains while driving along the Snowy Range Scenic Byway in Albany County, Wyoming. Two new interpretive signs were recently designed by the Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) and installed at prominent lookout points along the byway, thanks to a cooperative effort between the agency and the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests.

WSGS Publishes Report on Wyoming’s Potential Iron Deposits
Aug. 27— The Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) recently published a report on Wyoming’s iron (Fe) resources, an important mineral used in the production of steel. Previous iron mining efforts have contributed to Wyoming’s economy, with the potential for the state to once again become an iron-producing state, given the right conditions (iron prices, global demand, etc.).

WSGS Releases Geologic Study on the Great Divide Basin
July 29— New research on the Lance and Fort Union formations has allowed geologists to better define the extent of the coal-bearing strata and potential natural gas reservoir rock in the Great Divide Basin of Wyoming, according to a recent study by the Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS).

WSGS Publishes Maps Under Legacy Program
April 9— The Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) has launched Wyoming Legacy Maps, a program for the release of newly published maps based on the agency’s past geologic mapping efforts.

WSGS Publishes Report on Groundwater Recovery from Coalbed Natural Gas Development
Feb. 27— A new Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) study found that recovery of groundwater after coalbed natural gas development is related to the hydrologic properties of an aquifer and the amount of water pumped out of a coalbed during peak production. The WSGS study examined the Upper Wyodak coal zone of the Powder River Basin in Wyoming.

WSGS Energy Reports Discuss External Impacts to Production
Feb. 13— Wyoming is well known as one of the nation’s top energy producing states, but this notoriety can come at a price when it comes to volatility in energy markets and other factors, which can then have an affect on production and state revenues.

Famed geologist Dick Jones dies at 67
Jan. 30—For some people, the simplest measure of a meaningful life is their work. This is true for Richard W. Jones, retired coal geologist and editor of the Wyoming State Geological Survey, who died at the age of 67.