August 4, 2004
New Geologic Maps of Wyoming Now Available

The Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) has released a number of digitally prepared geologic quadrangle maps that were (with one exception) funded through STATEMAP, a cooperative mapping program with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the WSGS. At present, only plotted color maps, rolled only, are available for sale. The maps are all at the scale of 1:100,000 and include both surficial geologic maps and bedrock geologic maps; some bedrock geologic maps were previously released by the USGS and WSGS as printed maps.

The surficial geologic maps include slightly consolidated to unconsolidated geologic materials of relatively recent age (mostly less than a million years old) that overlie consolidated bedrock and were deposited by surficial processes or conditions, including alluvial and fluvial activity (streams and rivers), mass wasting (e.g., landslides, mudflows, debris flows), glacial processes, eolian activity (sand dunes), and others (evaporation, dessication, soil formation, etc.) Some of these deposits are thin veneers that could probably be removed or scraped off with earth-moving equipment.

Surficial geologic maps produced with funding from the STATEMAP 02 program include Open File Report (OFR) 03-5, Midwest; and OFR 03-6, Basin. OFR 03-7, Bill, was prepared without STATEMAP funding. Surficial geologic maps produced with funding from the STATEMAP 03 program include OFR 04-3, Nowater Creek; and OFR 04-4, Chugwater Bedrock geologic maps emphasize consolidated and lithified geologic materials such as named formations and other formal and informal geologic units. These maps show only the thickest surficial deposits where they dominate or completely obscure the bedrock units. In general, the bedrock units which underlie the surficial deposits shown on these maps can be inferred from adjacent outcrops, mapped structures, and other features.

Bedrock geologic maps produced with funding from the STATEMAP program include WSGS Map Series (MS)-39, Nowater Creek; MS-59, Buffalo; MS-60, Recluse; MS-63, Kaycee; OFR 04-5, Kinney Rim; OFR 04-6, Evanston; and OFR 04-7, Kemmerer. The latter three maps were originally published as printed, non-digital products by the USGS; the Nowater Creek map was originally published as a printed, non-digital product by the WSGS.

The maps were all prepared digitally using ESRI¨Õs ArcGIS¨ mapping software, and digital versions of each map on CD-ROM will be available within the next month. The digital data consist of ESRI¨ Shapefiles, GIS files that can be viewed using ESRI¨ ArcReaderª or ArcExplorerª software, PDF files that can be read using Adobe¨ Acrobat Readerª, and a viewable map image that can be read by LIZARDTECH¨ MrSID Geo Viewer¨ software. Complete documentation and metadata is supplied.

Each color, plotted map sells for $25.00 plus $6.00 for shipping and handling; Wyoming addresses add 6% sales tax (calculated before adding shipping and handling). The maps are available over the counter at the WSGS Publications Sales Office in Laramie or can be ordered from the WSGS via phone, fax, or Email. The WSGS now accepts orders paid by Visa¨/MasterCard¨ credit cards.

For more information on the surficial geologic maps, contact James C. Case, head of the Surficial Process and Geohydrology Section, 307-766-2286, ext 225; for bedrock geologic maps, contact Alan J. Ver Ploeg, Head of the Geologic Mapping Section, 307-766-2286, ext 230; and for digital aspects of these new maps, contact Joseph M. Huss, GIS Coordinator, 307-766-2286, ext 234.

Press Release
from the Office of the Wyoming State Geologist
Ron Surdam, State Geologist

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