May 13, 2005
New Field Guide for Alcova Area Available

The Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) released a new publication on a popular recreational area near Casper. Entitled Field guide for the Alcova area, Natrona County, Wyoming, the new publication is WSGS Educational Series 2. The book is a completely revised, full-color edition that replaces the original version printed in 1974. The publication highlights the North Platte River, Alcova Dam and Reservoir, Fremont Canyon, and Pathfinder Dam.

The field guide is a cooperative project between the WSGS and the Wyoming Field Science Foundation in Casper. The book is authored by Peggy Knittel, who teaches at Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington; three well-known science teachers in Casper, Dana P. Van Burgh, Jr., Terrence (Terry) J. Logue, and Beecher Ed Strube; and Richard W. Jones, Editor/Geologist with the WSGS in Laramie.

The book is designed to aid teachers and others that run school field trips to the Alcova area, emphasizing the geological aspects of the area but also covering some of the local history, most of the plants that occur in the area, and the birds and other animals common to the area. The book is also set up for individuals to take self-guided tours for any or all of the routes, which are all accessible by automobiles. The field tours are set up road log style, and include mileages between points of interest.

The new publication includes a full-color geologic map and a color-coded geologic column showing the ages, thicknesses, and characteristics of the rocks in the area, as well as a cross section, an aerial photograph, and a topographic map. There are many annotated color photographs of the rocks, several panoramas from high vantage points around Alcova Reservoir, and an illustrated boater's guide to Fremont Canyon.

Educational Series 2 is available from the WSGS on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie for $15.00 plus 6% sales tax. Orders can also be placed by phone (307) 766-2286, fax (307) 766-2605, or e-mail at; we now accept Visa/MasterCard.

Press Release
from the Office of the Wyoming State Geologist
Ron Surdam, State Geologist

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