September 14, 2005
WSGS releases new Wyoming geologic maps

Nine geologic maps of different areas in Wyoming are now available from the Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) in Laramie. The maps include five new colored map compilations not published before as well as four colored maps previously available only as blackline or scanned color copies. All the maps were prepared in cooperation with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) using funds provided through STATEMAP 2004, the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program between state geological surveys and the USGS. The State of Wyoming, through the WSGS. contributes dollar-for-dollar matching funds for the program, which is in its eleventh year.

These are the new maps (including WSGS series designation and price):

  1. Surficial geologic map of the Saratoga 1:100,000-scale Quadrangle, WSGS Open File Report (OFR) 05-2 ­ $25.00 (rolled only).
  2. Surficial geologic map of the Rock River 1:100,000-scale Quadrangle, WSGS OFR 05-3 ­ $25.00 (rolled only).
  3. Preliminary geologic map of the Newcastle 1:100,000-scale Quadrangle, WSGS OFR 05-4 ­ $25.00 (rolled only).
  4. Preliminary geologic map of the South Pass 1:100,000-scale Quadrangle, WSGS OFR 05-5 ­ $25.00 (rolled only, includes 24 p. explanatory text).
  5. Preliminary geologic map of the Keystone 1:24,000-scale Quadrangle, WSGS OFR 05-6 ­ $20.00 (rolled only, includes 23 p. explanatory text and 12 p. datasheet ).
  6. Preliminary geologic map of the Saratoga 1:100,000-scale Quadrangle, WSGS OFR 04-10 (revised July 2005) ­ $25.00 (rolled only, includes 35 p. explanatory text).
  7. Preliminary geologic map of the Torrington 1:100,000-scale Quadrangle, WSGS OFR 04-11 (revised July 2005) ­ $25.00 (rolled only).
  8. Geologic map of the Casper 1:100,000-scale Quadrangle, WSGS Map Series (MS)-65 (updates and replaces WSGS OFR 04-9) ­ $25.00 (rolled only).
  9. Geologic map of the Barlow Gap 1:24,000-scale Quadrangle, WSGS MS-67 (revised and updated July 2005, replaces Preliminary Geologic Map (PGM)99-2) ­ $10.00 (rolled only).

All the maps are currently available in hard copy only from a color plotter. With the exception of the South Pass map (Number 4, above), all the maps were prepared using digital mapping techniques; the digital map data (ESRI shapefiles and associated metadata) will be available for purchase on CD-ROM in the next few months.

Maps 6, 7, 8, and 9 above were released earlier, but have been revised/updated from the original published maps and have now been digitized. Maps 6 and 7 will be converted to the WSGS map series pending final technical review, editing, and layout. To order these maps, visit the WSGS on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie or contact the Publications Sales Office at 307-766-2268, ex 224; Wyoming addresses please include 6% sales tax; we accept Visa and MasterCard for payment; call for postage costs.

Press Release
from the Office of the Wyoming State Geologist
Ron Surdam, State Geologist

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