November 30, 2007
WSGS releases updated Oil & Gas Map of Wyoming

The WSGS recently updated the Oil and Gas Map of Wyoming (Map Series 55) and added a new feature: the map now includes a hillshade layer that accentuates the state’s topography.

Wyoming’s oil and gas fields are delimited and color-coded to the predominant age of production. For each field, symbols show the following: which formations currently or previously produced hydrocarbons; other gases or impurities produced in the field; whether the field is undergoing enhanced recovery efforts; whether the field is active, or abandoned or shut in; and whether the field is primarily an oil field or a gas field. Major pipelines are color-coded to indicate the types of liquids or gases they transport, and locations and processing capacities of natural gas plants and refineries are shown.

The updated map by Rodney H. De Bruin is current through 2006 and can be ordered from the Wyoming State Geological Survey sales desk as a color plot at the 1:500,000 scale. The plotted map is $50 and a digital version is available for $120. Four different 1:350,000-scale quadrants of the map, also by Rodney H. De Bruin, are available as color plots or digital files ($35 each). These quadrants were updated through 2006 and cover the Powder River Basin (Map Series 51); Greater Green River Basin and Overthrust Belt (Map Series 52); central and northwestern Wyoming basins (Map Series 53); and southeastern Wyoming basins (Map Series 54). To purchase any of these maps, please call (307) 766-2286, ext. 224, email, or visit our office in Laramie.

Press Release
from the Office of the Wyoming State Geologist
Ron Surdam, State Geologist

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