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News Release January 20, 2010

The Wyoming State Geological Survey has released a new map of Wyoming’s coal deposits and activities.

“The map, which updates the 1991 version, showcases Wyoming’s coal geology and the substantial industry it supports,” said WSGS coal geologist Nick Jones.

Jones said that the energy industry, local, state and federal agencies, landowners, environmental groups, railroads and others can use the map as a reference for mine locations, productive capacity and the geology of coal-bearing formations.

WSGS map editor Richard Jones said, “The new Coal Map of Wyoming shows the state’s coal fields and coal areas as defined by outcrops of coal-bearing formations. The formations are color-coded by their geologic age, and major coal outcrops in each coal field are shown.”

The map also shows:

  • Coal activities in Wyoming, including active coal mines in Campbell, Carbon, Converse, Hot Springs, Lincoln and Sweetwater counties, current and historical mining districts, historical underground mines and other industrial projects related to coal.
  • Coal-fired power plants and other power-generating facilities including wind, hydroelectric and cogeneration.
  • The state’s major electrical transmission lines, highway and railroad transportation networks, rivers, streams and reservoirs. The railroad system depicted on the map includes owners/operators, current routes of coal trains, spur lines to coal load-out facilities and power plants and possible routes for an additional rail line in the Powder River Basin.
  • Areas where coal-bearing rocks are overlain or obscured by rocks that do not contain coal.

The Coal Map of Wyoming also includes small inset maps, which feature coal fields, mineable deposits and approximate ranks of Wyoming coals; ground elevations; and major structural features of Wyoming.

Justin Scott, WSGS geologic assistant, and David Lucke, manager of WSGS information technology and Geographic Information Systems, helped develop the map.

WSGS Map Series 93 measures 64 × 46 inches. It is available as a rolled hard copy for $40 or on CD for $100, plus shipping fees and applicable taxes. The CD includes printable and viewable files along with files that can be loaded into GIS software.

To order, (1) visit the WSGS on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie, (2) contact the sales office at 307-766-2286, ext. 224 or by e-mail at wsgs.sales@wyo.gov or (3) visit the WSGS Online Store.

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