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News Release January 28, 2010

WSGS releases Wyoming surface water resource map

The Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) has released a new map showing stream flows and surface water storage in Wyoming.

“The map provides a valuable statewide reference for general streamflow rates of major rivers and creeks, and it includes volume and storage capacities of lakes and reservoirs,” said WSGS hydrologist James Stafford.

Stafford said that agricultural producers, local, state and federal officials, conservation and irrigation districts, resource managers, environmental groups, anglers, kayakers, rafting enthusiasts, hunters and others can use the map to quickly find information about Wyoming’s surface water.

“This is a comprehensive, first-of-its-kind statewide map that utilizes current and historic streamflow and reservoir capacity data,” Stafford said.

The map and CD show the minimum, average and maximum streamflow rates at 330 U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) gage locations across Wyoming and the maximum storage capacities of reservoirs and volumes of major lakes.

The CD includes many extra datasets such as the location of every USGS mapped spin the state (there are 7,088).

Other features of the “Surface Water Resource Map of Wyoming: Streamflows and Storage” include the following:

  • Hydrologic watershed boundaries for major drainage basins
  • Facts and trivia regarding Wyoming’s surface water in every major basin
  • Detailed elevation model of the state’s terrain
  • Small inset maps featuring generalized Wyoming geology and destinations of Wyoming’s rivers
  • Tables detailing Wyoming’s 10 largest rivers and lakes

WSGS geologic assistant Tomas Gracias, WSGS map editor Richard Jones and WSGS cartography specialist Robin Lyons helped develop the map.

WSGS Map Series 91 measures 57 × 43 inches. It is available as a rolled hard copy for on CD for $120, plus shipping fees and applicable taxes. The CD includes printable anviewable files along with files that can be loaded into GIS software.

To order, (1) visit the WSGS on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie, (2) contact the sales office at 307-766-2286, ext. 224 or by e-mail at wsgs.sales@wyo.gov or (3) visit the WSGS Online Store.

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