July 20, 2012


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Wyoming Geological Survey Releases New Oil and Gas Map

A comprehensive new map on oil and natural gas resources in Wyoming covers a range of information – from the geology to key facilities and production. The map released today by the Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) covers oil and gas extractive activities across the state, and is part of the agency’s professional map series.

“This map demonstrates our role in mapping energy resources that are used to provide for our state and the nation’s energy needs,” said Tom Drean, director of the WSGS. “Our scientists and GIS specialists produce these maps so everyone from industry leaders to policy makers can see with one source all the critical information they would need on oil and gas resources and production in Wyoming.”


The map is available to download (free of charge) via the WSGS website at www.wsgs.wyo.gov/Research/Energy/MS-55.aspx. Printed copies (1:500,000 scale map) as well as a DVD version are available for purchase via the Online Store.

Using geographic information systems (GIS) technology, the map was generated to illustrate a compilation of information. It includes the boundaries of producing and abandoned oil and gas fields in Wyoming, producing (or produced) formations, dominate age of reservoir rocks, field designations, pipeline sizes and locations, refinery and gas plant locations and capacities, basin locations, as well as illustrates the extent of oil shale-bearing rocks.

Oil and natural gas geologist, Rod De Bruin is author of the map with cartographic assistance from GIS specialist Phyllis Ranz.

“Over the years the Oil and Gas Map has been in high demand and is used by industry, researchers, policy makers and the general public,” De Bruin said. “It has been interesting to watch Wyoming’s oil and gas production as the map has evolved over the years,” he said. Currently, Wyoming is the second leading producer of natural gas and the seventh of oil in the nation. Nearly all of the state’s oil and gas is exported via pipeline and also offers a convenient fuel for on-site use.

Data for the map came from previously published WSGS materials on oil and natural gas resources in Wyoming. The Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission provided information on the wells, and pipeline data from the Wyoming Pipeline Authority (WPA) was used for some of the updates.

The map is available as a 42”x 66” print or DVD. The DVD contains GIS files, map images, and installation software for viewing the map. Updated pipeline information was generalized by the WSGS for the 1:500,000 scale map and is not included on the DVD version. Current electronic pipeline data can be purchased directly by contacting the WPA.

WSGS’ collection of individual oil and gas maps, at a scale of 1:350,000, have also been updated and are available via the Online Store. These include the Powder River Basin (MS-51), Greater Green River Basin and Overthrust Belt of southwestern Wyoming (MS-52), central and northwestern Wyoming basins (mainly Bighorn and Wind River basins) (MS-53), and southeastern Wyoming basins (Denver, Laramie, eastern Hanna) (MS-54).

The 2012 Oil and Gas Map of Wyoming (MS-55) can be purchased via the Internet (Online Store), by calling (307) 766-2286, ex. 224, or visiting the WSGS on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie.


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