September 19, 2012


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Wyoming Geological Survey Releases Five New Geologic Maps

The Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) has published five new geologic maps designed to help inform decisions related to energy and mineral exploration and development in Wyoming, as well as management of water resources and geologic hazards.

“With each map we compiled and digitized existing geologic data, conducted GIS analysis, and checked and gathered additional data in the field,” said Seth Wittke, WSGS manager of mapping, water resources and hazards.

Each year the WSGS produces maps for specific priority areas in Wyoming as part of the U.S. Geologic Survey’s STATEMAP program. This year’s collection includes surficial geology maps depicting the condition of rocks and deposits found on the surface of the land, which cover the Centennial 7.5’ (Albany County) and South Pass 30’ x 60’ quadrangles (Sweetwater/Fremont counties), and bedrock geology maps for the Johnson Ranch 7.5’ (Albany County), Saddle Rock 7.5’ (Natrona County), and Separation Rim 7.5’ quadrangles (Carbon County).

The maps are available to purchase in print and CD/DVD formats via the WSGS Online Store, by calling (307) 766-2286, or in person at the agency headquarters on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie.

Since 1995, mapping efforts of the WSGS has been largely supported by federal grant dollars administered through STATEMAP, which is under the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program. Since the STATEMAP program’s inception in Wyoming the agency has completed more than 100 map products.

“STATEMAP is designed to provide state surveys with funding to complete geologic mapping goals in their states,” Wittke said. “The geologic maps are intended to provide information about the general geology, structural geology, and stratigraphy of states participating in the program,” he added.

The WSGS uses geology and Earth Science as well as geographic information systems (GIS) technology for its geologic mapping investigations. Once the maps are completed they are catalogued as either a WSGS Map Series or Open File Report (preliminary), and made available to the public.

WSGS map products are available to a wide audience, including state and federal land managers, county planners, members of academia and the public, and industry leaders.

The maps cost $25 for rolled printouts and $10 for a CD/DVD. The following is the list from the WSGS “Online Store” at

  1. Preliminary Geologic map of the Saddle Rock 7.5' Quadrangle, Natrona County, Wyoming, (WSGS-2012-OFR-01; rolled printout and CD/DVD)
  2. Preliminary Geologic Map of the Separation Rim 7.5' Quadrangle, Carbon County, Wyoming (WSGS-2012-OFR-02; rolled printout and CD/DVD)
  3. Preliminary Geologic Map of the Johnson Ranch 7.5' Quadrangle, Albany, Wyoming (WSGS-2012-OFR-03; rolled printout and CD/DVD)
  4. Preliminary Surficial Geologic Map of the Centennial 7.5' Quadrangle, Albany County, Wyoming (WSGS-2012-OFR-04; rolled printout and CD/DVD)
  5. Surficial Geologic Map of the South Pass 30' x 60' Quadrangle, Sweetwater and Fremont counties, Wyoming (WSGS-2012-MS-85; rolled printout and CD/DVD)

For additional information on the WSGS’ geologic mapping efforts, log on to


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