July 18, 2013


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New Interactive Map on Wyoming Oil and Gas Development Areas

The Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) recently released a new interactive map identifying areas in Wyoming where oil and natural gas projects are slated for development.

Viewed through Google Earth, the development map currently includes 20 new projects across Wyoming either in early production or the planning phase. The map includes information on area boundaries and size, operators, as well as anticipated production from the geologic formations of each area.

“This map provides a single source of information for viewing new development of Wyoming’s oil and gas resources,” says Tom Drean, director of the WSGS. “People may hear about an oil and gas project in the state but not know about it.”

The oil and gas development map provides users with a look into the geographic region where the projects are located. When clicking or selecting an area on the state map, a window opens with information on the operator, project size, number and types of wells, the geologic formations targeted, and in many cases the projected production of the project, as well as the estimated life of oil and gas development for that area. A list of references is also provided to assist users with their additional research efforts.

This map is intended as a reference tool to be used by a variety of audiences – from citizens to media, industry leaders to decision makers. “The map is particularly useful because it shows where future significant oil and gas activity is likely to occur in Wyoming,” Drean says.

Data used to create the various layers of information on the map were primarily obtained through the Bureau of Land Management, including from such records as Environmental Impact Statements and Environmental Assessments.

The development map is a main feature on the WSGS oil and gas website, which the agency is working to enhance and update as new data becomes available on Wyoming’s oil and gas resources.

For this project the WSGS is requesting state and public agencies as well as operators to provide suggestions on what to include on the oil and gas development map.

Please email Rachel Toner, oil and natural gas geologist, at rachel.toner@wyo.gov.

“We understand that some of the information is incomplete and may change so we plan to regularly update this map and expand on it as we receive updates and feedback on other things to include,” says Drean.

Wyoming produced more than 57 million barrels of oil from 885 fields in 2012, representing 2.4 percent of the total U.S. crude oil production. The state also accounts for 7.5 percent of U.S. natural gas production. In 2012, the state produced more than 2.25 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

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