November 12, 2013


Seth Wittke
(307) 766-2286 x244

Wyoming Geological Survey Releases Three Geologic Maps in November

These publications include a surficial 500K geology map of Wyoming depicting rocks and deposits exposed on the surface and bedrock geology maps for the Stampede Meadow (Fremont County) and Centennial (Albany County) 24K quadrangles.

The new maps are available for purchase via the WSGS Online Store at, by calling (307) 766-2286, or in person at the agency headquarters located on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie.

The following is the list of the new maps available for purchase from the WSGS:

  1. Surficial Geologic Map of Wyoming. James C. Case, Christopher S. Arneson, and Laura L. Hallberg. HSDM 98-1a Surficial Geologic Map of Wyoming 1:500,000
  2. Geologic Map of the Stampede Meadow Quadrangle, Fremont County, Wyoming. J. Fred McLaughlin, Davin A. Bagdonas, Carol D. Frost, and B. Ronald Frost. MS 102 Bedrock Geologic Map 1:24,000
  3. Preliminary Geologic Map of the Centennial Quadrangle, Albany County, Wyoming. Wayne M. Sutherland, James A. Durnan and Joseph F. Johnson. OFR 13-5 Bedrock Geologic Map 1:24,000

For additional information on the WSGS geologic mapping efforts, log on to

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