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Wyoming’s Uranium Resources

Uranium is a highly valued natural resource that is used for nuclear power and electrical generation. Wyoming has the largest known uranium ore reserves in the United States. In the 1980s, the state’s uranium mining industry was hit hard due to a drop in price, but today Wyoming is poised to make a comeback with 26 mining operations in the planning or permitting phase.

Wyoming leads the nation in uranium production at nearly 1.5 million pounds of yellowcake (U3O8) produced annually, followed by Nebraska and Texas, which produced 0.744 million lbs and .718 million lbs, respectively.

Currently, there are two active mining operations in Wyoming, the Smith Ranch-Highland operation (the largest production facility in the nation), owned by Power Resources, Inc., a subsidiary of Cameco, and the Willow Creek operation, owned by Uranium One, Inc. Both are located in the Powder River Basin.

WSGS Contact, Robert Gregory.