Bear River Basin Report

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Download Report

The WSGS, in partnership with the U.S. Geological Survey, has completed its next groundwater study for the state’s updated river basin plans, as commissioned by the Wyoming Water Development Office.

The Bear River Basin report has been expanded from previous technical reports and provides a current assessment of the groundwater resources of the basin. The report covers the Bear River drainage as well as tributary areas in Idaho and Utah.

This project evaluated the basin’s groundwater resources, including the measurement and characterization of those resources for future management efforts. Along with analyses of other groundwater characteristics, the report details the water quantity and quality of important aquifers in the basin. The authors of the report explain how the quality of groundwater varies widely in the basin, even within a single hydrogeologic unit, and tends to be better near outcrop areas where recharge occurs, with noted deterioration as the distance from those areas increases. Groundwater quality also tends to deteriorate with depth.

The report includes text and analyses, maps, databases, metadata, tables, and graphs. The next basin report scheduled for completion covers the combined Snake and Salt River Basin, which will be published this summer.