WSGS Public Outreach

The Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) provides excellence in the application of geology, while also creating public awareness and opportunities to learn about the state’s rocks, minerals, and fossils.

WSGS outreach efforts include our geologists giving public presentations on various topics in geology, speaking at mineral and energy conferences, and each summer, guiding a geologic field trip for kids. We also have a new program, Wyoming Geology Extra, with the aim to create interpretive signage at key geologic sites in the state.

In addition to our efforts in applied research and public outreach, we also provide the Wyoming Legislature with timely information on the state’s energy resources through our annual Summary Reports, which are also available online. Our website also includes free downloadable pdfs of agency reports as well as numerous maps published by the WSGS.

The WSGS website also includes an events page with a listing of the dates and locations of our public presentations, or you can sign up for our notices via our Facebook and Twitter posts. Also available through our website are short videos of our experts in the field, covering topics ranging from Wyoming’s energy and geologic resources, to hazards and fossils in the state.

To contact us about a speaking opportunity or field trip, please contact:

Chamois Andersen
Wyoming State Geological Survey
(307) 766-2286 x231

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Coal Mining Video

Vedauwoo Video, featuring UW Professor Carol Frost

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WSGS Kids Field Camp Trip to Vedauwoo
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