WYO-DOG Database Overview

The online Wyoming Database of Geology (Wyo-DOG) includes all elemental analyses along with brief write-ups and photographs for most samples.

Wyo-DOG was initiated with this project and Mineral Investigation with the goal of creating a statewide catalog of REE occurrences, as well as occurrences of other resources. With additional resources the agency hopes to expand Wyo-DOG to include new data types, investigations, and the many volumes of historical data that reside in paper files at the WSGS headquarters.

Wyo-DOG is a multi-tiered application using a structured, relational database. Data is entered via an application using the traditional client/server (two-tier) model. Data in the relational database can be queried directly by common modeling applications such as ESRI's ArcDesktop or via a Web-based interface. Where appropriate, data can also be made available to other modeling applications through common data exchange formats, such as CSV and XML, to facilitate a variety of uses.

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