Wyoming Construction Aggregate

Granite Canyon Quarry

Natural aggregate is one of our most abundant, accessible, and widely used natural resources. Aggregate consists of sand, gravel, and crushed stone. It is primarily used by highway and building construction industries. Wyoming’s energy industry also requires large amounts of aggregate for the construction of well pads, wind generator bases, and access roads to industrial sites.

Martin-Marietta quarry

In Wyoming, aggregate ranks fourth in value among extracted geologic resources, after oil and gas, coal, and trona. According to USGS Mineral Industry Surveys in 2013, Wyoming ranked 35th in the nation in production of construction aggregate.

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Construction Aggregate Summary Report - 2014

"Cooperative planning by aggregate producers, government agencies, and residents can ensure that aggregate remains available and affordable in Wyoming well into the future," says Suzanne Luhr, WSGS aggregate report author.

WSGS Contact, Suzanne Luhr

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