Green River Basin

This is a structural subdivision of the Greater Green River Basin in southwestern Wyoming. It encompasses much of the drainage basin of the Green River beginning in the north, where it emerges from the Gros Ventre and Wind River ranges, and ending at the Wyoming-Utah border to the south, where it flows through the Uinta Mountains at Flaming Gorge. The eastern boundary of the basin is defined by the Rock Springs uplift and the southwestern flank of the Wind River Range; the western boundary is the easternmost frontal thrust fault in the Thrust Belt. The Green River Basin contains three major subareas, the small Hoback Basin in the north (defined primarily by the topographic feature known as “The Rim” and outcrops of the Paleocene Pass Peak Formation), the Bridger Basin in the south (defined primarily by outcrops of the lower and middle Eocene Bridger Formation), and the Moxa arch (a gentle north-south trending anticlinal feature, generally subparallel to the frontal thrust of the Thrust Belt) along the western edge of the basin.

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