Washakie Range

One mountain range in Wyoming, the Washakie Range, is only partially visible. Located west of the Owl Creek Mountains and bordering the northwestern Wind River Basin, this range consists of a group of Laramide-age uplifted blocks of Paleozoic rocks folded around a Precambrian core. A series of topographic highs, including Black Mountain and Crow Mountain, are separated from the western part of the Washakie Range by a broad syncline. Like the Owl Creek Mountains to the east, the Washakie Range is thrust southward over Tertiary rocks in the Wind River Basin. Most of this range is buried beneath the great pile of younger, flat-lying volcanic rocks of the Absaroka Range. The full extent of the Washakie Range is not known, but it may continue under the volcanic rocks as far north as South Fork of the Shoshone River.

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