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Robert Gregory

Robert Gregory

Robert Gregory is a project geologist at the WSGS specializing in uranium, trona, and other industrial minerals, and geochemical analysis. In addition to uranium and industrial minerals, over the course of more than 27 years at the WSGS, he has acquired experience in coal, oil and gas, metals, gemstones, and geochemical analysis.

Robert received a B.S. in physical and sedimentary geology from the University of Wyoming in 1985 and an M.Sc. in 2009 in metamorphic petrology, also from UW. His work at the WSGS currently focuses on uranium, trona, and geologic mapping. He also specializes in geochemical analytical work including X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray fluorescence (XRF), and microbeam analyses such as scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and electron probe microanalysis (EPMA, or microprobe).

Robert’s work at the WSGS has included co-authoring articles, maps, and reports on coal deposits, oil and gas fields, mineral deposits, diamonds, rare earth elements, and zeolite deposits and occurrences. He has authored or co-authored 10 bedrock geologic maps (including one in progress) at both the 7.5’ (1:24,000 scale) and 30’ x 60’ (1:100,000 scale). His recent mapping efforts have focused on areas in and near uranium mining districts including the Jeffrey City 7.5’ and the Gas Hills 7.5’ quadrangles in central Wyoming. He is currently compiling a report on the uranium deposits and mining history of the Gas Hill uranium district in Fremont and Natrona counties, Wyoming.

While not on the rocks, Robert enjoys playing guitar, photography, skiing, fishing, and camping (RV-ing).