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Wyoming's Energy Resources

Wyoming is a national leader of energy production from coal, uranium, natural gas, and crude oil. Wyoming also has potential for the development of alternative forms of energy, including wind, solar, and geothermal.

Wyoming’s geologic setting––along with ideal conditions of heat, pressure, and time––has led to the creation of large reservoirs of oil and natural gas found within the strata of the state’s basins. Vast reserves of coal also underlie the state, and Wyoming has the largest uranium reserves in the United States.

WSGS geologists conduct scientific investigations of the state’s energy resources, map energy development, and document the production of oil and natural gas, coal, and uranium in the state. We aim to provide knowledge of these vast resources to a variety of audiences, from policymakers to the general public.

Altogether, Wyoming produces 7.5 quadrillion Btus (British thermal units) of energy each year. This energy is primarily used to provide the United States with electricity. Mineral royalties, severance, and related taxes provide a substantial portion of the state’s revenues.