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The Origin of Landscape: A Guide to Wyoming's Cultural Geology

"The Origin of Landscape" A Guide to Wyoming's Cultural Geology caters to a niche area in tourism, intelligent travel. This program includes an interpretive guide (with mobile tags) along with its digital counterpart, this website featuring videos with experts on location, feature stories and photos.

This program is for people traveling through the state or for those who simply want to learn more about Wyoming. Through video vignettes, viewers can see and virtually explore the connection between geological phenomena, landscape, and cultural beginnings.

The Wyoming State Geological Survey, Wyoming Department of Transportation, Wyoming Office of Travel & Tourism, and the Alliance for Historic Wyoming have formed a partnership for this program.

Click on icon for free downloand of map/tour guide, featuring all 16 tour sites and a listing of musuems across the state on the back.

tour map

Trapper's Point Pinedale Anticline Oregon Trail Opal Trona Resources White Mountain Petroglyphs Great Divide Basin Vedauwoo Recreation Area Como Bluff Sunrise Mine/Hartville Uplift Spanish Diggings Paleo Indian Discoveries Pumpkin Buttes Yellowstone Plateau Nez Perce Historical Trail Beartooth Scenic Byway