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Earth Science Week 2019

Earth Science Week has been held every October since 1998 and is organized by the American Geosciences Institute (AGI). This year's event is Oct. 13–19, and the theme is "Geoscience is for Everyone," which AGI says emphasizes both the inclusive potential and the importance of the geosciences in the lives of all people.

Wyoming ROCKS: Geology in Everyday Life

"Wyoming ROCKS: Geology in Everyday Life—Today and in the Past"

The Wyoming State Geological Survey and University of Wyoming Geological Museum are partnering to host their annual event in celebration of Earth Science Week. The organizations are putting their own twist on this year's theme with "Wyoming ROCKS: Geology in Everyday Life—Today and in the Past" on Oct. 19. The event is 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the geological museum on the UW campus in Laramie, Wyoming. The U.W. Harry C. Vaughan Planetarium and Office of the Wyoming State Archaeologist are also partners of the event.

Focus Days

There is a specific theme, or focus day, celebrated each day of Earth Science Week. The following are links to lessons, activities, and resources connected to each Focus Day.

International EarthCache Day October 13 – Explore the world with this GPS scavenger hunt.

Earth Science Literacy Day October 14 – Learn the fundamentals of geosciences with “Earth Science: Big Idea,” a video series developed to explain why earth science literacy is important.

No Child Left Inside Day October 15 – This day encourages students to go outside and research earth science in the field like a professional geoscientist. This is a guide for organizing an outdoor earth science event.

Earth Observation Day October 15 – Engage students and teachers in remote sensing as an existing and powerful educational tool.

National Fossil Day October 16 – A day dedicated to promoting the understanding and appreciation of fossils.

Geoscience for Everyone Day October 17 – Do your part to help young people from underrepresented communities explore exciting careers in the geosciences.

Geologic Map Day October 18 – There are many activities and resources for this focus day, which is an extension of the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program that focuses the attention of students, teachers, and the general public on the study, uses, and significance of geologic maps for education, science, business, and a variety of public policy concerns.

International Archaeology Day October 19 – Hosted by the Archaeological Institute of America, this special event is a celebration of archaeology and the thrill of discovery.