Effective immediately, the Wyoming State Geological Survey will remain open for business,
but is asking the public to use phone and email communications as much as possible.
Please contact the WSGS at 307-766-2286 or wsgs-info@wyo.gov
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Visualizing Earth's Systems - Map Lessons

U.S. Energy Map The United States of Energy

As the U.S. gains more energy independence with a diversity of sources. Energy resources are shown on the U.S. map. By looking at Wyoming specifically, one can see the variety of resources in the state. Along with the U.S. energy map, there are several others visuals about the energy industry on the site as well as links to the organizations where the data for the site were collected.

U.S. Drought Map

U.S. Drought Portal

The U.S. drought portal offers visualizations and information about drought and its impact on natural systems. The site shows how drought has affected the entire country and allows visitors to look at the specifics of each state. On the Wyoming page, there are links to water/drought information, including to the Wyoming Drought Plan and the Wyoming Water Development Commission.

Rock Cycle
The Rock Cycle

This interactive rock cycle animation helps illustrate the process of how rocks form. Because of Wyoming’s diverse landscapes and natural occurrences, it is easy to identify three types of rocks found here. By understanding the rock cycle and processes that create different rocks, we have the tools to understand Wyoming’s geologic history.

Journey to the Center of the Earth Journey to the Center of the Earth

Dig down into the center of the Earth with this interactive tool. By scrolling down, students can explore the different layers of the Earth’s crust and ocean depth. Explanations of what can be found at each depth can be viewed in perspective of the scale of the Earth’s center.

Changing weather
Earth: A Global Map of Wind, Weather, and Ocean Conditions

This visualization shows wind and weather patterns on the Earth’s surface. The images are depicted in near real-time.

Changing weather
The Water Cycle

This site offers an in-depth explanation of the water cycle and provides tools to explore and learn more about it. A special lesson on geographical influences helps explain what features in Wyoming (mountains, valleys, elevation, etc.) could affect the rain cycle.

Changing weather
Backyard Dinosaurs

This map shows (in green and dark blue) the regions of North America where rocks that formed during the Age of Dinosaurs -- 225 to 65.6 million years ago, are exposed at the surface of the Earth.