Stromatolite Field Guide Available

A new WSGS Web page highlights stromatolites in the Medicine Bow Mountains. A self-guided walking tour guide, an interactive Google Earth map, photos and a video of stromatolite outcrops are available online.

Explore the Stromatolites page.


New Mapping From STATEMAP Program

The WSGS has published three new geologic maps under its STATEMAP program (Mc Intosh Meadows 7.5’ quadrangle, North Ridge 7.5’ quadrangle, and the Surficial Geology Map of the Chicken Spring Area). These maps are vital for land management and the exploration of Wyoming’s energy resources and minerals. Field research included gaining estimates of rock ages, which is important for establishing the history of geological events. Read more...

-Mc Intosh Meadows... (click here to view the map).

-North Ridge... (click here to view the map).

-Chicken Spring Area... (click here to view the map).

Wyoming Geologic Map

Geologic Map of Wyoming

The WSGS has released the Geologic Map of Wyoming, an important visual tool displaying a variety of geologic features, from different kinds of rocks and faults to the state’s river basins and mountain ranges. The 1:500,000-scale wall map includes a separate legend sheet. The geologic map is a new and improved presentation of the original hand-scribed map created in 1985 by authors David Love and Ann Christiansen of the U.S. Geological Survey. Read more...

Download the map... (click here for pdfs).

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