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Welcome to the Wyoming State Geological Survey

Interpreting the past, providing for the future

Precambrian Basement Map of Wyoming

A new map depicting the structural configuration of the Precambrian basement of Wyoming is available.

Geologic Map of Oil Mountain

Bedrock mapping of the Oil Mountain quadrangle in Natrona County is now available.

Surficial Map of East Jackson Lake

New mapping of the Jackson Lake quadrangle in northwest Wyoming has been published.

Geothermal Interactive Map

A new online map enables quick research and comparison of borehole temperatures and geothermal potential across the state.

Interactive Maps

Link to Interactive Mines & Minerals map Link to interactive Geology of Yellowstone map Link to interactive Groundwater Atlas Link to interactive Oil and Gas map
Link to Interactive Geologic Map index Link to Interactive Hazards map Link to interactive Geothermal map

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