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WSGS Publication Search

After searching for and finding a WSGS publication using the grid below:

  • Use the “View” button to visit the Publications Sales and Free Downloads website to retrieve a copy of the publication.
  • Use the "Map" button to visit the online interactive map if available for the publication.
  • Use the "Data" button to download supplemental data if available for the publication.


Publication Number Abbreviations

B: Bulletin

CGRD: Challenges in Geologic Resource Development

CMM: Coalbed Methane Map

CR: Coal Report

CRS: County Resource Series

EM: Exploration Memoir

ES: Educational Series

GLCS: Geophysical Log Cross Section

GMC: Geologic Map of County

GN: Geo Note

HR: Hazards Report

HSDM: Hazards Section Digital Map

IMR: Industrial Mineral Report

IP: Information Pamphlet

LMS: Love Map Series

M: Memoir

MM: Miscellaneous Map

MP: Miscellaneous Publication

MR: Mineral Report

MS: Map Series

OFR: Open File Report

PB: Press Bulletin

PGM: Preliminary Geologic Map

PHR: Preliminary Hazards Report

PIC: Public Information Circular

PR: Preliminary Report

R: Reprint

RI: Report of Investigation

RMR: Radioactive Mineral Report

SR: Summary Report (included in MP prior to 2019)

TM: Technical Memorandum