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Uranium Well Logs

Digital images of geophysical well logs are available below. These well logs are from uranium exploration and production drill holes in Wyoming. The logs may be downloaded as a zipped folder. The zipped folders contain tiff images of well logs, and in some cases other information such as PDF files with well test results for the identified section (Township, Range, Section). The folders have been categorized by county for easier location. Townships straddling a county boundary will only be found under one county, so you may need to check both locations. Well logs continue to be added to this page as they become available online from the WSGS.

uranium file example

Choose a county from the tabs below and click the provided link to access a list of available sections for download. The file name can be interpreted using the example to the right.

The “Find” feature of your browser, typically “ctrl+f,” may help you in your directory search.

Folder files may be large and require several minutes to download.