Effective immediately, the Wyoming State Geological Survey will remain open for business,
but is asking the public to use phone and email communications as much as possible.
Please contact the WSGS at 307-766-2286 or wsgs-info@wyo.gov
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Staff Directory

Front Desk: (307) 766-2286

Employee extensions may be used to access voicemail after hours.

Director and State Geologist

Erin Campbell WSGS Director and State Geologist erin.campbell@wyo.gov Ext. 230


Tammy Mack Manager/Administration tammy.mack@wyo.gov Ext. 239
Christina George Outreach and Publications christina.george@wyo.gov Ext. 231
Niesey Heckart Office Support onies.heckart1@wyo.gov Ext. 228
Jill Ottman Office Support jill.ottman@wyo.gov Ext. 251
Teresa Hansen Accounting teresa.hansen@wyo.gov Ext. 254

Energy and Mineral Resources

Ranie Lynds Manager/Oil and Gas ranie.lynds@wyo.gov Ext. 235
Rachel Toner Oil and Gas rachel.toner@wyo.gov Ext. 248
Derek Lichtner Oil and Gas derek.lichtner1@wyo.gov Ext. 225
Kelsey Kehoe Coal kelsey.kehoe@wyo.gov Ext. 233
Patty Webber General Geology patty.webber@wyo.gov Ext. 243

Groundwater and Hazards

Seth Wittke Manager/Remote Sensing seth.wittke@wyo.gov Ext. 244
Karl Taboga Hydrology karl.taboga@wyo.gov Ext. 226
Jim Stafford Hydrology james.stafford@wyo.gov Ext. 252
James Mauch Geologic Hazards james.mauch@wyo.gov Ext. 236
Andrea Loveland General Geology andrea.loveland@wyo.gov Ext. 240

Technology and Data Management

David Lucke Manager/Technology and Data Management david.lucke@wyo.gov Ext. 232
Jim Rodgers Geologic Support james.rodgers@wyo.gov Ext. 255
James Amato GIS james.amato@wyo.gov Ext. 250
Robert Gregory Uranium and Minerals robert.gregory@wyo.gov Ext. 237