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Report A Landslide

The WSGS is currently updating its landslide database. We are asking for help in this process. Please complete and submit either the online or printable form below.

google doc icon Online Landslide Report Form PDF iconPrintable Landslide Report Form PDF iconExample Printable Landslide Form

How to Report a Landslide

Help provide WSGS with information on landslides in the state of Wyoming.This information will help the hazards geologists at WSGS to determine the size of the current landslide and any future landslides that may impact humans, structures, utility lines, and waterways.

If you have any questions, please contact WSGS at (307) 766-2286 or email Seth Wittke.

Helpful Information to Report About a Landslide

Please provide the following information with the Landslide Report Form. Any information regarding the location and characteristics of the landslide is beneficial to the WSGS.

  1. Contact information
    • Provide your full name, e-mail address, and/or phone number.

  2. Location
    • A simple description of the location of the landslide is helpful (near an address, mile marker on a highway). However, GPS or land survey coordinates help us better pinpoint the location of new landslides. If a GPS system is used to identify the location of the landslide, locations should be taken at the base of the slide if possible. If not, please report where the GPS locations were taken, and in which direction from the coordinates the landslide is located. Please be extremely cautious as landslides can create difficult terrain. Don’t put yourself in danger to gather a GPS location on a landslide.
    • If an address or coordinates cannot be provided, a detailed description of the landslide location is appreciated (i.e. Fremont County, private road off Hwy 136, mile marker 113, north side of Hwy, approximately 5 miles up private road on north side. Look for fallen trees).

  3. Photographs
    • If possible, take photographs of the entire landslide. When taking the photograph, attempt to include an object such as a vehicle, person, dog, or any other object in the view that can be recognized for scale. This helps us define the size of the landslide.

Crystal Creek Landslide Toe of Crystal Creek Landslide

Please return Landslide Report forms to Seth Wittke or mail to:

Wyoming State Geological Survey
Attn: Seth Wittke
P.O. Box 1347
Laramie, WY 82073